• • Dry throat, mouth and nose

    Susceptible to illness!

    Act before you catch a cough or
    become hoarse, etc.!
    Human beings breathes around
    60 times per minute. In doing so
    they lose moisture from the throat
    and mouth, causing dryness in the
    throat. The protective film in the
    throat and throat area is weakened,
    increasing the risk of illness.

This room air humidifier with an open 3D evaporation surface is continuously controlled. The method is unique worldwide!

The three-dimensional surface creates a “top-down-flow”: the air is sucked down from the ceiling without dust and then discharged downward to maximum effect, ensuring excellent efficiency and performance. This process is regulated without electricity. The device must be suspended from the wall. It works very quietly. The wall mounting means that it keeps the space closer to floor free (for children and adults).

The interval control, our patented “Stop and Go” function, is extremely quiet. It enables effective descaling while inhibiting bacteria for natural and ecological humidification. Thanks to the use of renewable raw materials, the design of the humidifier itself is also ecological!

Available since 2002!

Art Marries Function, FOREVER YOUNG

Humidifier composed of:

  • Basic technical coltrol unit
  • Evaporation panel in six different designs
  • Descaler

These three parts work together in perfect harmony

Change your motif from children’s design to colorful or neutral decor, for every age. Which look do you prefer? Use the design humidifier to decorate your rooms!